Professional Scrum Training

The Scrum Master offers Scrum training and certification in partnership with, the home of Scrum.

Scrum is a framework to help individuals, teams and organisations improve their ability to deliver products and services with higher levels of value and agility.

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The Scrum Master

Certified LeSS Training

The Scrum Master offers LeSS training and certification in partnership with

Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) is a framework for scaling agile development to multiple teams. LeSS builds on top of the Scrum principles such as empiricism, cross-functional self-organising teams and provides a framework for applying that at scale.

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Accredited Kanban Training

The Kanban Master offers Kanban training in partnership with the Lean Kanban University, the home of Kanban.

The Kanban Method is an approach to incremental, evolutionary process and systems change for organisations. If you are looking for an alternative path to agility, Kanban can help you.

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The Kanban Master

Upcoming Courses

FlameJuly 5-7, 2017London, UKProfessional Scrum Developer New
FlameJuly 10-11, 2017Budapest, HungaryProfessional Scrum Master
FlameJuly 12-14, 2017Zurich, SwitzerlandCertified LeSS Practitioner New
FlameJuly 13-14, 2017London, UKProfessional Scrum Master
FlameJuly 16-17, 2017Dubai, UAEProfessional Scrum Master
FlameJuly 19-20, 2017Hong KongProfessional Scrum Master
FlameJuly 22-23, 2017SingaporeProfessional Scrum Master
FlameJuly 24-25, 2017Chicago, USAProfessional Scrum Product Owner
FlameJuly 27-28, 2017Chicago, USAProfessional Scrum Master
FlameJuly 31-August 1, 2017New York, USAProfessional Scrum Master
FlameAugust 3-4, 2017New York, USAProfessional Scrum Product Owner
FlameAugust 7-8, 2017Miami, USAProfessional Scrum Master
FlameAugust 10-11, 2017Washington DC, USAProfessional Scrum Master
FlameAugust 14-15, 2017Palo Alto, USAProfessional Scrum Product Owner
FlameAugust 17-18, 2017Palo Alto, USAProfessional Scrum Master
FlameAugust 21-22, 2017Los Angeles, USAProfessional Scrum Product Owner
FlameAugust 24-25, 2017Los Angeles, USAProfessional Scrum Master
FlameAugust 29-30, 2017Dublin, IrelandProfessional Scrum Master
FlameAugust 31-September 1, 2017London, UKProfessional Scrum Product Owner
FlameSeptember 2-3, 2017London, UKProfessional Scrum Master
FlameSeptember 4-5, 2017London, UKScaled Professional Scrum
FlameSeptember 7-8, 2017London, UKProfessional Scrum Master
FlameSeptember 11-12, 2017Seattle, USAProfessional Scrum Product Owner
FlameSeptember 14-15, 2017Seattle, USAProfessional Scrum Master
FlameSeptember 18-19, 2017Denver, USAProfessional Scrum Master
FlameSeptember 21-22, 2017Denver, USAProfessional Scrum Product Owner
FlameSeptember 25-26, 2017New York, USAProfessional Scrum Product Owner
FlameSeptember 25-26, 2017London, UKKanban Systems Design (KMP I) New
FlameSeptember 27-28, 2017New York, USAProfessional Scrum Master
FlameSeptember 28-29, 2017London, UKKanban Management Professional (KMP II) New
FlameSeptember 27, 2017London, UKTeam Kanban Practitioner (TKP) New
FlameOctober 2-3, 2017Tel Aviv, IsraelProfessional Scrum Master
FlameOctober 2-3, 2017Dublin, IrelandKanban Systems Design (KMP I) New
FlameOctober 5-6, 2017Milan, ItalyProfessional Scrum Master
FlameOctober 9-10, 2017London, UKProfessional Scrum Master
FlameOctober 12-13, 2017London, UKProfessional Scrum Foundations
FlameOctober 12-13, 2017New York, USAKanban Systems Design (KMP I) New
FlameOctober 19-20, 2017Tbilisi, GeorgiaProfessional Scrum Master
FlameOctober 26-27, 2017London, UKProfessional Scrum Product Owner
FlameNovember 16-17, 2017London, UKProfessional Scrum Master
FlameDecember 14-15, 2017London, UKProfessional Scrum Product Owner
FlameDecember 18-19, 2017London, UKProfessional Scrum Master
FlameJanuary 4-5, 2018London, UKProfessional Scrum Product Owner
FlameJanuary 8-9, 2018London, UKProfessional Scrum Master
FlameFebruary 12-13, 2018London, UKProfessional Scrum Product Owner
FlameFebruary 15-16, 2018London, UKProfessional Scrum Master

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The Scrum Master has helped 100+ organisations to use Scrum to create market leading products. Here is a small selection: clients



If there is one man who knows about Scrum – it is Simon Kneafsey. Buckle up and hold tight as Simon will take you through everything you need to know about Scrum. Engaging, entertaining and drawing on both theory and practice, he is the only man for all your Scrum training needs.”
– Davin Mac Ananey MMII Grad, MCIM, MBA. Head of Online / Senior Digital Professional
Simon clearly has a mastery of what he teaches and made the course both enjoyable and simple to follow with real-world examples and good use of visuals. Simon has deep knowledge of Scrum and Agile frameworks having previously run leading edge projects prior to becoming a trainer. If you’re serious about Scrum, I recommended you attend one of Simon’s courses.
– Arun Malhotra. Engagement Leader, UK & Nordics Consulting at Pegasystems
The course was great, dynamic and with good speed to don’t lose anything and not too slow to be bored. Simon has a lot of experience in Scrum and he is really passionate with what was explaining to us. He shared experiences and ideas that added great value to the course.”
– Juan A. Rico Lorente. PHP Developer & Certified Scrum Master
How to teach about being a Scrum Master while acting as a great Scrum Master? That’s what Simon did. Experienced, precise with excellent communication skills, Simon kept the motivation of the audience and he met the deadline and goals of the course.”
– Josep F. Barranco. Scrum Master at King
“Simon ran an intensive Professional Scrum Master (PSM) course over two days. What I felt set this course apart from others that I have attended in the past wasn’t just Simon’s knowledge of Agile, and Scrum but his practical experience as well. This was very evident as we were able to really get to the grips of the framework, and apply that to our own experiences and day to day challenges.”
– Andrew Poulter. Freelance at Dorling Kindersley
“Simon bought real life examples based on his experiences, and he clearly explained techniques of Scrum, and how they are related to the real world. I really enjoyed all the hands on practical exercises. Simon is very professional, yet approachable, and he was always on hand to help clarify any questions we had. I would highly recommend Simon to any future budding Scrum Masters who wish to go on and do the PSM I or PSM II certifications.”
– Sukhi Kaur. Scrum Master. Cap Gemini

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The Scrum Framework

What is Scrum?

Scrum is a simple framework to enable effective team collaboration on complex projects.

It is designed to cut through complexity to focus on building products and services that meet real business needs.

If you are faced with a complex issue and uncertain of the solution, Scrum can help you.

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