2021 Retrospective

2021 Retrospective

I think it’s safe to say that 2021 has been a better year than 2021! Despite dark clouds looming (Omicron) the latter part of this year has felt like a slow return to some normality.

It’s been a great year for TheScrumMaster.co.uk. We have run more courses than ever before and helped thousands of people along the way.

We have started working with some excellent Associate Trainers to meet the increasing demand from people keen to learn and use Scrum.

We have significantly enhanced our website and now offer a wider range of Scrum Practice Assessments, with more coming early in 2022.

We have also expanded the range of courses we offer with the addition of ScrumInc Registered Scrum Training & a wide range of TheScrumMaster.co.uk Agile & Scrum courses.

We launched a range of free (or close to free) content to simplify Scrum for people and this offering will be greatly expanded in 2022.

I hope your 2021 has been a good one. Best wishes to everyone from TheScrumMaster.co.uk and here’s to a great 2022!

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