Facilitation Principles

Here are the core principles of facilitation, adapted from the work carried out by Sean Blair and Promeet:

  • Participatory: This is the core principle. Effective facilitation enables full participation to unleash the full knowledge of the group. People need to be involved and have a voice. This needs to be voluntary rather than forced.
  • Healthy facilitation: Ensure the environment is safe for everyone to speak up, share their thoughts, and participate without fear of judgment or ridicule. This does not mean there will be no conflict. Instead, we want to create a place where people feel free to raise conflicting perspectives, disagreements and opinions in a respectful way.
  • Transparency: Create shared understanding. Sometimes, transparency gets mixed up with visibility.
  • Process: Using facilitation to ensure we are guiding towards the desired objectives of the interaction. Facilitators need approaches and techniques that encourage participation and find ways to navigate diverse perspectives.
  • Purposeful: Define the objectives, roles, and ground rules initially. This helps keep the group focused and aligned.