Introduction To The Scrum Guide 2020

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The Scrum Guide has been updated for the first time since 2017. The new version has reduced in size from 19 to 13 pages. On the surface, this is the biggest change to Scrum in 25 years. So what has changed and how significant is it?

The size reduction would indicate that a lot has changed, but in reality, the changes are relatively small in scope. The spirit of Scrum remains the same. Most of the core elements remain largely unchanged. The impact on people using Scrum already should be minimal.

The description of Scrum has been reworded to read:

“Scrum is a lightweight framework that helps people, teams and organizations generate value through adaptive solutions for complex problems.“

The meaning remains intact from the previous descriptions so there is nothing significant to report here.

The bulk of the changes in the new Scrum Guide are to remove much of the prescriptive guidance to make Scrum even more of a framework than ever before. Scrum guides peoples relationships and interactions, without telling them the practices, processes and methods to use. This was always true, but now it is, even more, the case as more practices and specific rules have been removed.

A further set of changes are to emphasise the use of Scrum for complex work beyond software. The language in the guide has been adapted to remove references to software to make Scrum more accommodating for a wider audience. This shift has been underway for many years reflecting Scrums wider use out in the world.

A final group of changes are to address some of the problems that have been observed in Scrum implementations and to change the language around certain concepts to make them clearer and less likely to be miss understood. Fewer words help to simplify the guide.

Let’s keep going to learn in more detail how the Scrum Guide has changed with the 2020 update.