Uses Of Scrum – Software

Scrum is designed to help people doing complex work. Its origins in the early 1990s were in software development where most work is complex by nature.

Here are some organisations I have worked with who are using Scrum to do interesting and exciting things.

United Nations Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organisation (UN CTBTO) – Vienna, Austria

In 2017 I completed an extensive program of Scrum training with United Nations Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organisation (CTBTO) in Vienna, Austria.

The CTBTO is tasked with verifying the ban on nuclear tests and operate a worldwide monitoring system. The system includes a global network of monitoring stations that use a combination of sensors, software and analysis to detect illegal nuclear explosions.

The complex software that runs this system is now created and supported by a team based at the UN in Vienna, who use Scrum to maximise the value of their work to carry out their mission

HP – Barcelona, Spain

In 2016 I trained a large group at HP in Barcelona, Spain. The business unit was responsible for personalised product printing for CocaCola. They produced the personalised name labelling for CocaCola products that were widely available at this time.

The wide variety of name options that had to be supported in each country, combined with the logistics to print and distribute them effectively was a complex process managed by a bespoke internal software system.

The team at HP who are responsible for this now develop this system using Scrum.

NASA – Jet Propulsion Laboratory. – Los Angeles, USA

In 2018, I was invited to Los Angeles to run Scrum training with teams from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

The team were responsible for the complex software used to process and manage the footage beamed back from the Mars Rover! This footage is processed in real-time and then made available to various other systems inside NASA.

This team now uses Scrum to collaborate successfully and maximise value.