Developer is one of the 3 accountabilities inside a Scrum Team.

Developers are committed to creating any aspect of a usable Increment each Sprint.

They are always accountable for:

  • Creating a plan for the Sprint, the Sprint Backlog.
  • Instilling quality by adhering to a Definition of Done.
  • Adapting their plan each day toward the Sprint Goal.
  • Holding each other accountable as professionals.

Developers are accountable for the technical quality of the product.

Developers are responsible for the sizing of items in the Product Backlog.

The term Developer is explicitly mentioned to be considered inclusive rather than exclusive. Anyone using Scrum to develop something of value can consider themselves a Developer. A Developer is a person inside the Scrum Team who develops the product, whatever that product may be. It may help to think of “development” as “work”, in the sense that the Developers carry out the work to produce the Increment.

Although it is somewhat of an oversimplification, it can be helpful to think of the Developers as being accountable for the “how”. They have the ultimate accountability in the Scrum Team around how Product is developed.