Scrum Team

The fundamental organisational unit of Scrum is the Scrum Team.

The entire Scrum Team is accountable for creating a valuable, useful Increment every Sprint.

The Scrum Team consists of one Scrum Master, one Product Owner, and Developers. Within a Scrum Team, there are no sub-teams or hierarchies.

Scrum Teams are cross-functional, meaning the members have all the skills necessary to create value each Sprint. They are also self-managing, meaning they internally decide who does what, when, and how.

The Scrum Team is small enough to remain nimble and large enough to complete significant work within a Sprint, typically 10 or fewer people. In general smaller teams communicate better and are more productive.

Scrum Teams with stable membership will further optimise efficiency. Forming or reforming Scrum Teams consumes resources and reduces effectiveness in most cases.