Agile For Managers

Agile For Managers

Agile For Managers

Agile For Managers is a 1-day hands-on workshop that uses a combination of instruction and hands-on exercises to help executives, managers and other leaders to understand how to best support and guide their organisation as it moves towards agility.

Becoming an agile organisation is a significant transformation that requires leaders, managers, and agile team members to change the way that they work. Agile teams cannot do this on their own; they need help from the entire organisation.

To succeed in a changing world, organisations need to become more agile, more responsive to customer needs and market changes. This workshop will equip leaders and managers to help their organizations change by providing participants with:

  • An understanding of how agility can help you improve your organisation’s performance
  • An understanding of how you, as a manager or leader, can help your organisation achieve the benefits of agility
  • Practical skills for helping to guide agile teams, and to help them remove impediments
  • An understanding of how to measure the benefits and impacts of agility in your organisation

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This course is intended for executives, managers and other leaders or anyone who wants to understand how to support an organisation as it moves towards agility.

There are no prerequisites for this course, other than a willingness to learn about Agile. No technical knowledge or experience is required.

  • The issues with traditional approaches in a complex world
  • When to Use Agile approaches (and when not to)
  • The Manifesto for Agile Software Development
  • Overview of popular Agile frameworks and methods

There is no assessment or certification with this course.

  • Development of a common language around Agile
  • Understand the role management plays in the Agile change of an organisation
  • Getting started with Agile
  • Planning the next steps

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