User Stories In A Day

User Stories In A Day

User Stories In A Day

User Stories In A Day is a 1-day intensive & interactive training course that will help you to write effective User Stories to better communicate user needs.

User stories are a common agile practice used by millions of people globally. When you use them effectively, you can improve collaboration and conversations to enable you to deliver value to stakeholders early and often.

Learn how to write high-quality User Stories and overcome common problems to discover and deliver what customers really want.

Whether you’re new to User Stories or want to improve your writing process, this course will help you.

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This course is for anyone who wants to understand and use User Stories. Typical attendee roles include business analysts, product managers, agile coaches, Product Owners and Scrum Masters.

There are no prerequisites for this course, other than a willingness to learn about User Stories. No technical knowledge or experience is required.

  • What User Stories Are
  • Users, User Roles and Personas
  • Story-Mapping and Story-Writing Workshops
  • Adding Detail with Acceptance Criteria
  • INVEST criteria
  • Splitting User Stories
  • When not to use User Stories

There is no assessment or certification with this course.

  • Understand how to create User Stories
  • Learn how much detail needs to be included and when
  • Use Acceptance Criteria
  • Understand how to split User Stories easily
  • Understand when to use User Stories (and not)

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