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Personal Scrum System – Resources

Here are templates to start using the Personal Scrum System immediately.

Click the links and follow the instructions to create your own Lists from the templates.

Trello Template including example Goals & Activities Personal Scrum System - Trello Template

Mural TemplatePersonal Scrum System - Mural Template

Here is a selection of tools & resources that you can use with the Personal Scrum System. Most of these are free (or close to free):

Trello – Trello is a free visual tool that you can to create and manage your Personal Scrum lists.
Feedly – Feedly is a free RSS reader you can use to organise your online news sources.
Pocket – Pocket is a free toll you can use to save online content to read later.
Kindle Readers & Kindle Books – Devices, app and eBooks that you can use to read almost any book wherever you happen to be.
Pomofocus – A Pomodoro timerto help you focus on the Activities you are working on.
Simple Scrum Video Course – Learn more about the Scrum framework created by Ken Schwaber & Jeff Sutherland.

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Learn how to use the secrets of the big tech companies to achieve your goals and lead a successful life. The Personal Scrum System is based on Scrum, the revolutionary approach to project management and team building that has helped to transform the world of work. Purchase now!