Ultimate Scrum Scaling With Nexus Course

Ultimate Scrum Scaling With Nexus eLearning Course

Simon Kneafsey

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When introducing heavy-weight scaling methodologies, teams often find that the added overhead slows down the teams and introduces new problems that limit the value delivery. Scrum.org created the Nexus framework by minimally extending Scrum to include ways that help solve the dependency and collaboration challenges of cross-team work. Since Nexus enhances the foundational elements of Scrum, it reinforces the benefits of Scrum while also being familiar to those who have used Scrum.

During this eLearning course, you will develop an understanding of how to launch, structure, organise, and manage a large Agile product using Nexus.  Discover a collection of practices that can be applied to overcome common challenges.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Identify challenges in scaling Scrum and learn principles and practices for overcoming them.
  • Understand the negative impact of cross-team dependencies.
  • Learn how to identify, visualise, minimise and remove dependencies.
  • Learn how the Nexus framework extends Scrum to enable value delivery at scale.
  • Understand the events, accountabilities and artifacts in Nexus.
  • Discover techniques for organising teams and the work while running a Nexus.

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Anyone interested in learning how multiple Scrum Teams can work together to deliver a single product
  • Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches that want to understand how to use the Nexus framework
  • Product Owners, Developers, Leaders and Managers.
  • Anyone preparing for the Scrum.org Scaled Professional Scrum (SPS) assessment and certification.
  • A basic understanding of Scrum is recommended to take this course.
  • Take our free Ultimate Scrum course to cover the fundamentals of Scrum first if you need to.



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