What Is Kanban?

What Is Kanban?

What Is Kanban?

The Kanban Method is a set of principles and practices that have been observed in successful Kanban initiatives worldwide. Since its inception, it has developed and matured as an effective approach for organizations to achieve greater business agility. The Kanban Method embraces the constant change inherent to managing knowledge work and enables IT, financial services, insurance and global organizations to become more collaborative, unified and productive in the face of growing competitive pressures and organizational chaos.

The Kanban University Certified Training is based on the Kanban Method and teaches organizations how to understand and visualize systems of work to continually improve and consistently deliver effective results. The Kanban Method provides a set of proven practices and approaches that scale from individuals and teams to the enterprise.

The Kanban Method seeks to achieve balance between (customer) Demands and (business) Capabilities. In organizations where this balance is off, it is typical to see examples of an overworked and unproductive workforce, poor quality, unpredictable results, late deliveries, no time for innovation, and missed opportunities. The Kanban Method gives you the ability to re-balance the equation by leveraging numerous techniques to help shape demand and improve capability. It doesn’t prescribe any mandatory practices, but has greater results in companies where leadership is encouraged and employees across the organization are motivated to solve problems and put in the work to do so.

David J Anderson first developed the Kanban Method for knowledge work and service work in 2005. He combined elements of the work of W Edwards Deming, Eli Goldratt, Peter Drucker, and Taiichi Ohno. Kanban incorporates concepts such as pull systems, queuing theory, and flow.

Over several years, David distilled the method into a set of principles and practices. These were evolved in collaboration with the wider Kanban community to create the Kanban Method as we know it today.

TheScrumMaster.co.uk offers Kanban training in partnership with Kanban University.

The full series of introductory Kanban classes, intended to be taken in order, includes:

5-day training sessions that include all 3 classes are available for a package rate.

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