Scaled Professional Scrum and Nexus – The Definitive Guide

Scaled Professional Scrum and Nexus - The Definitive Guide

This is the first in a series of posts which will introduce Scaled Professional Scrum and the Nexus framework from and take you through it in detail.

As far as I am aware, this information is not currently available anywhere else online and only those who have attended a Scaled Professional Scrum course will have been exposed to this level of detail around the framework and its associated practices. The source material is the Nexus guide from

I will be publishing new material once a week so stay tuned to learn more. I hope you will find it useful.

Test your knowledge by taking our Scaled Professional Scrum Practice Assessment.

If you would like to attend a Scaled Professional Scrum course to learn more in person, you can see my upcoming course list here and register for a date and location that works for you.

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  1. What is Scaled Professional Scrum And The Nexus?
  2. Should We scale?
  3. Start With Professional Scrum
  4. Be More Professional With What you Have
  5. How To Create A Professional Scrum Team
  6. The Secret To Scaled Professional Scrum

The Nexus Framework

  1. The Nexus Framework
  2. Nexus Artefacts
  3. The Nexus Integration Team
  4. Product Backlog Refinement
  5. Nexus Sprint Planning
  6. Nexus Daily Scrum
  7. Nexus Sprint Review
  8. Nexus Sprint Retrospective

Scaled Professional Scrum – 40+ Practices

  1. How Does Scaled Professional Scrum Extend The Nexus Framework?
  2. Nexus+


  1. How To Pass The Scaled Professional Scrum Assessment (SPS) from
  2. The Scaled Professional Scrum Practice Assessment
  3. Coming soon: Major Differences Between The Scrum Framework and The Nexus Framework
  4. Coming soon: Comparison of Scaled Professional Scrum And Nexus To Other Scaling Approaches

The Nexus Framework

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Comments 13

    1. mm
  1. Very good indeed! I’m curiously waiting for “Major differences between Scrum and Nexus”; and also for “Comparison of SPS/Nexus to other approaches”.

  2. Thank you for your info. Is there any update for:

    Coming soon: Major Differences Between The Scrum Framework and The Nexus Framework
    Coming soon: Comparison of Scaled Professional Scrum And Nexus To Other Scaling Approaches

    I’m looking forward to them.

    1. mm Post
  3. Hi Simon,

    Thanks for writing so many good blogs, I read all the articles list in this blog, I gained a lot, especially the “Should We scale?”, because I have seen a lot project try to scale without considering if they reach a good condition to scale, it cost a lot of wastes in the team. I will share your blog with my stakeholders as well πŸ˜‰

    Xiaojing aka Sarah

  4. Hi Simon,

    I am not sure why I am unable to find my query : I am again posting by creating my account.

    Query 1: Nexus is based on Scrum and in Scrum , Scrum Team discuss quality and adapt its DOD as it matures,

    What about the adaptation of the DOD at nexus level – who involved and how that is being adapted?

    Query 2: My teams has faced many times , where there is huge dependency between 2 teams and what we should focus on ? Is it merging the two teams to collaborate or focus on more Product backlog refinement to reduce the dependency ?


    1. mm Post


      Some thoughts for you on your 2 queries:

      Query 1

      The Scrum Teams in the Nexus are responsible for this.

      The Nexus Integration Team may play a supporting/guiding role when it comes to adapting the Defintion of Done for a Nexus.

      Query 2

      You could reform the teams. Although there will be a price to pay for this, it could be appropriate.

      You could resequence the work so that the dependency is not brought into the Sprint. Team 1 completes some work in 1 Sprint and then team 2 continues in the next Sprint and the dependency is less likely to have an impact on team 2 this way.

      1. Just to ensure if I correctly interpret the first query : The NIT is responsible for nexus DOD , but for adaptation in later time it should be by Scrum Teams and NIT may guide about the same. and This should be part of nexus retrospective improvement to adapt DOD.

        Please correct me in case I have misunderstood!

        Thanks Simon!

        1. mm Post

          Here is what the Nexus Guide says about this:
          “The Nexus Integration Team is responsible for a definition of β€œDone” that can be applied to the Integrated Increment developed each Sprint”

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