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  1. I need some help..
    My Tribe Lead asks me how to improve efficiency in the squads..
    Any innovative ideas on how we can achieve this..?
    Is it through metrics? Through other things..?
    Thanks for your response..

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      My initial thoughts on this. Apologies if I am making assumptions or if you already have answers for these things that have not been shared.

      Clarify what they mean by efficiency, this is not always clear.
      Do you know how efficient they are right now? How is this measured? Is the measure effective?
      Will people game this measure if it becomes the target?
      Increased efficiency is not specific enough as a goal to be useful. What is the real goal and measure?

      Have you asked the squads what they would need to be more efficient?
      Have you acted to remove the impediments that are preventing increased efficiency that they have identified?
      Where is the current bottleneck for each squad and is this being addressed?

      Is efficiency truly the most important thing for your product right now?
      Most clients I work with are focussed on this, but almost always the bigger issue (which resolving will have a bigger impact) is that they are working on lots of low-value / non-valuable things. Fix this first as efficiency is irrelevant if you are working on the wrong stuff.

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