How To Pass The Ultimate Agile Master II (UAM II) Assessment From

How To Pass The Ultimate Agile Master II (UAM II) Assessment From’s Ultimate Agile Master II (UAM II) Assessment is a 60-minute timeboxed assessment. You need to score over 85% to pass and gain the UAM II certification. The assessment contains 80 questions in English of multiple choice type.

This is among the hardest Agile/Scrum assessments available. You will need a broad range of knowledge about Agile, Scrum and associated practices, tools and approaches in order to be able to pass this advanced assessment. Thorough preparation is essential.

Further details on what to expect from the assessment can be found on the Ultimate Agile Master II (UAM II) Assessment page.

Here are some tips on taking and passing the Ultimate Agile Master II (UAM II) Assessment and gaining certification:

When you are ready to take the assessment:

  • Have the Scrum Guide and our Scrum 1 Pager to hand and use them to look up what you need.
  • Answer all the questions even if you have to make an educated guess. The assessment is not negatively marked.
  • Read the questions and answers carefully. One word misread can lead you to the wrong answer.
  • Don’t spend too long on each question. If unsure of an answer, note down the question number and move on. Completing all the questions in the timebox can be challenging.
  • Be aware of the difference between “must” (a mandatory thing) and “should” (an optional thing).
  • Come back to the hard questions at the end and use your time to think them over.
  • Aim to leave time to check all your answers before the end.
  • Google the question if really unsure, but be careful as this takes time and there are lots of unreliable sources out there.

You can resit the assessment if you need to, but you will need to purchase another attempt from

I hope this information will help you to pass. Let me know how you get on via the comments below and good luck!

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