Ultimate Agile Evidence-Based Management Course

Ultimate Agile Evidence-Based Management eLearning Course

Simon Kneafsey

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We are living in an age of unprecedented change. To stay ahead, businesses require data and insights that allow them to pivot effectively to meet new challenges and seize opportunities. Many organisations, even those seeking to employ an Agile approach, still rely on traditional management strategies. These strategies often entail leaders setting rigid long-term objectives and tracking them via static metric dashboards.

The Evidence-Based Management (EBM) framework offers an Agile alternative for leaders, enabling them to steer their teams towards consistent enhancements in customer outcomes, organisational capabilities, and overall results. EBM prioritises customer value and fosters a culture of experimentation, aiming to elevate an organisation’s performance and realise strategic objectives.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Use empiricism to set and achieve strategic goals.
  • Manage complexity through experimentation.
  • Use goals and measures to enable self-management.
  • Move from measuring outputs towards measuring outcomes.
  • Drive operational improvements by focusing on Key Value Areas.
  • Learn how to use experimentation to make progress toward goals incrementally.

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Anyone responsible for the success of a product or Agile implementation.
  • Anyone Wanting to help their organisation embrace empiricism and experimentation.
  • Anyone seeking to improve the connection between work and value .
  • Anyone wanting to measure using Agile measures rather than traditional measurement.
  • Anyone preparing for the Scrum.org Professional Agile Leadership – Evidence-Based Management™ (PAL-EBM) assessment and certification.



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