How To Pass PSM III From

How To Pass The Professional Scrum Master III (PSM III) Assessment From

Here are some tips on taking (and passing) the Professional Scrum Master III (PSM III) assessment and gaining certification from

To strengthen your chances of passing you should first consider attending a Professional Scrum Master course from This course covers all the material you will need to prepare for PSM III. The theory will be brought to life with real world examples from your instructor and will set you up well to take

You should also consider attending a Professional Scrum Master II course. The content covered and the 2 days spent exploring advanced Scrum Master topics will make passing the PSM III assessment significantly more likely.

To prepare for the assessment, firstly review the guidance from on how the PSM III assessment is structured so you know what to expect logistically.

Then take a look at my tips on passing the Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) and the Professional Scrum Master II (PSM II) assessments. These assessments are prerequisites and so you must pass them before moving onto the more challenging PSM III assessment.

Try our Professional Scrum Master III (PSM III) practice assessment. This is not created or endorsed by, but will give you a good idea of what to expect when you take the real thing.

Take our Simple Guide To Scrum Video Course. This covers much of the content from our live courses and is a fast, effective and low-cost way to learn about Scrum.

The key to passing PSM III is having a very strong understanding to Scrum theory, combined with a number of years solid experience using Scrum in the real world. A strong pass mark in the PSM I and PSM II assessments should mean you are well on the way to having the right level of theory knowledge.

If you would like to join one of my classes, you can see my upcoming PSM class list here. I operate all over the world so you will find a course running in a city near you.

I would also strongly suggest reading these books (as a minimum):

PSM III is difficult and less than 1000 people have achieved it to date. However it is not impossible so if you prepare well, understand the theory underpinning Scrum and have some solid real-world experience with Scrum you should be well placed to pass and achieve this distinguishing certification.

Please let me know how you find the PSM III assessment via the comments section below. Good luck!

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    1. mm
  1. Hi Simon,

    I finished the test last friday and I’m waiting for my result.
    I just wanted to say that this test his really hard. English is not my mother tongue.
    I regret the fact that there are multiple questions in one question.
    Having the clock in your head just to be sure to have the time to answer all the questions is not enough.
    You have also to take care of answering the question as a whole.

    Right now, I’m waiting for my result and cross my fingers.
    Thank you a lot for your feedback.
    If I had known PSP before, I would have passed it has a check. I will pass it soon 😉

    1. mm

      Hi Benn,

      I agree completely that it is hard and even more so for non native English speakers.

      I also agree that many of the essay based questions tend to be multi part which makes it even tougher to answer them with the limited time available.

      Let me know how you score. Good luck.



      1. Simon, I’m a little angry about myself, I failed with a 81% score.
        I’ll take some time to read the Lyssa Adkins’ book about coaching agile team and read some blogs.
        I’ll test myself by taking the PSP assessment.
        I misread a question about scaling agile how to do it, the pros and cons.

        I think it could be good thing to follow a PSM course to check my knowledge and improve (I never took the time to do it before).

        Thank you for your help

        1. mm

          You came very close. No need to be angry with yourself!

          A PSM course will certainly help you, but you may find now that you know what to expect you may be able to pass with a little more reading.

    1. mm Post
  2. Hi Simon,

    I will certainly do your test assessment within the next weeks/months. One question already popped up: Your test has 6 questions in 30 minutes – is this consistent with the real one (around 24 questions in 2 hours)?


    1. mm Post

      Hi Marcus,

      It’s a practice shortened version of the real thing. The real PSM II assessment is 120 mins and contains proportionately more questions to fill the time. The standard and type of questions is representative of the real thing.

      I look forward to seeing your attempt.



  3. I did PSM III with 88% in July but my target is to get 95%, I am going to give it another try very soon.

    The exam time is really hard, try to be as crisp as you can, avoid writing too much.

    1. mm Post
  4. Hi Simon,
    I just finished my PSM-iii assessment, waiting for full results. I have following queries, can you please answer them?
    1. It shows 9% (19 of 212), I guess this is for multiple choice evaluation. What does this really mean, as I don’t think there were really 19 multiple choice questions. I guess they were around <10 out 34 questions. Can you please help me understand this better? Is this a good score?
    2. When will I get final result (ie., how long will it take to a PST to evaluate my essay questions)

    thanks and regards

  5. Like Sanjay Saini did, is it possible to reattempt after passing in next attempt to improve your score so that you are in line as per PST expectations.

    1. mm Post

      Vivek, allow you to retake the assessment. This will incur an additional charge and be aware that you may not see the same questions on your next attempt.



    1. mm Post
  6. Hi Simon,

    Can you please share with me sample questions for PSM II and PSM III? The reason is, I understand Agile/Scrum from practical working perspective, not so much from theoretical context. Need to understand if I should go for PSM II or directly to PSM III.


    1. mm Post
    1. mm Post
  7. Hi Simon, could you please share with me sample of questions from PSM 3, I’ve passed the second one.
    Thank you for your articles it is useful!

    Best Regards.

    1. mm Post
  8. Hi Simon/Team,

    I am preparing for PSM III. I see a lot of experts here who can guide me on the PSM III. From portfolio, i have yet PSM III and PSPO III to attempt.

    @Simon : Sample questions to understand the assessment of PSM III would surely help. Please help me with that.

    Also, if there is coaching or preparation path for PSM III then please do share that as well.

    Thanks in Advance!

  9. Hi, i already have most of the certification of, only sm III and PO III are left, could you help me to practice with cosching or preparation or example questions,i want to tale the test in a couple of months

        1. mm Post
  10. Hi Simon,

    I have passed the PSM II and am looking to start the PSM III prep. If you would be able to send me any example questions or tips that would be great.



  11. Hi Alex
    I have a question,
    I have done my PSM (II) last year and i also did my SASM ( SAFe Advance Scrum Master).
    Wanted to check how different it is from PSM II and PSM III.

  12. Hello Simon, I passed my PSM II in december and would like to get my PSM III somewhere this year. Can you also send me some example questions and tips for the exam? Thanks very much! Greetings Ilse

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