How To Pass PSM II From

How To Pass The Professional Scrum Master II (PSM II) Assessment From

26th July 2016 – This post has been updated to reflect the changes to the Professional Scrum Master assessments and certifications that have been announced by What was PSM II has been renamed to PSM III. What was previously PSP (Professional Scrum Practitioner) has been renamed to PSM II. You can read more about the changes here.

Professional Scrum Master II (PSM II) is an advanced level assessment from aimed at demonstrating that you know Scrum theory and how to apply it in the real world.

The PSM II assessment is positioned between PSM I and PSM III in terms of difficulty and is an achievable certification for those that have attended a Professional Scrum Master course and/or have sufficient real world experience.

The PSM II assessment is structured in a similar way to PSM I. It is comprised of 30 multiple choice questions. You have 90 minutes to complete the assessment and must score 85%+ to achieve the certification. The questions and answer options tend to be longer than in PSM I and it takes more time to read and understand. As with all assessments, it is challenging and designed to test your real understanding of Scrum.

How Do I Pass The PSM II Assessment?

The first and best preparation for the Professional Scrum Master II (PSM II) is to attend a Professional Scrum Master course. This will teach you all the theory you need with real world examples to bring your learning to life. It is of course possible to take and pass PSM II without attending a course if you have sufficient knowledge and experience.

The next step, if you haven’t already is to take and pass the PSM I assessment. Read my earlier post on how to successfully pass PSM I to prepare you for this assessment.

Now you are ready to take PSM II, the same preparation tips apply for PSM II as PSM I. So I would suggest reviewing my tips for PSM I and refreshing your knowledge of the Scrum guide and other areas as you feel appropriate.

PSM II is a more advanced assessment than PSM I and tests your knowledge of Scrum theory, the Scrum Guide and expects some real world experience to allow you pass. Of all the reading that is suggested in the tips for passing PSM I, I would suggest you focus your efforts and read – “Scrum – A Pocket Guide” by Gunther Verheyen. This was the book that helped me the most and I would highly recommend it to you too.

Finally, try my free PSM II Practice Assessment to see if you are ready for the real thing.

You can find out a little more about what to expect with PSM II and try out a sample question in my next post.

Please let me know how you find the Professional Scrum Master II (PSM II) assessment via the comments below. are always looking to develop their assessments so your feedback will be valuable in helping them improve these offerings. Good luck!


The Scrum Master is Simon Kneafsey. Simon is a Professional Scrum Trainer with, the home of Scrum run by Scrum co-creator, Ken Schwaber. Simon offers Professional Scrum Certification training courses globally and works with clients to introduce Scrum to their organisations.

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  1. Hi Simon,

    Thanks that you have launched PSM I, PSM II, SPS practice assessments which help immensely to those who are preparing for these tests. Is there any plan to launch PSP practice assessment in near future?

    1. mm Post

      Hi Pradip, are still finalising their plans for the PSP assessment. The format and content may still change quite a bit.

      Once they settle on something I will look to produce a practice assessment for it.

      I also have plans to produce practice assessments for PSD I and PSPO I and II at some point.



  2. I just passed this one. I followed this journey:
    – PSM I.
    – Nexus.
    – PSM II.

    I’m not really sure wether passing Nexus first helped me on the scaled scrum questions you get on the exam.

    As for difficulty, i have mixed feelings:
    – Got my best score on PSM II, with near perfect score.
    – I was not dead sure of having the right answer on more than 50% of the questions. I got more questions right by eliminating stupid or incorrect answers than being sure of the right answer.

    I have no real world experience as i never practiced Scrum nor Agile, so this is not a prerequisite.

    Got all certifications with 90+ score, but feels like i have a lot to learn about Scrum.
    Getting the right answer in a MCQ is one thing, but finding the right answer without those guidelines is certainly harder.
    Some parts of Scrum are still unintuitive to me.

    1. Hi,

      I have cleared PSM1 exam and planning to take PSM II exam. Can you please provide some guidance like what all material shall I go through for PSM II.

      1. Hi Aditi,

        I am also on the same boat. Done with PSM I and looking to move to PSM II. DO you have any info on what you had requested. Would be great if you can share this with me as well.


          1. mm Post

            I have started work on this. Will be available by August at the latest but likely much sooner.

            I will announce via my newsletter so sign up for it if you haven’t already.



    1. mm Post
  3. mm Post

    Hi Pradip,

    I am planning to create a PSM II practice assessment. It is on my Product Backlog but I don’t have a date planned for it yet.

    I will announce once it is live so you will know to re-visit.



    1. mm Post
  4. Hi Simon,

    Planning to appear PSMII. Can you please help if the sample assessment is already out?

    Would like to go through them before I appear the certification.

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. mm Post
      1. Sir,

        Can you please send the details to me as well. I have completed my PSM I certification and trying for PSM II

  5. Hi

    I plan to take PSM II by month end. Would it possible to share sample assessment. It would really help to see if i can make it through the test.


    1. mm Post
  6. Hi Simon,

    Greetings, I pinged in this blog to check on PSM II. Do you have recent 30 sample questions for PSM II?

    Apprecite your time.


    1. mm Post
  7. Sir,

    Can you please send the details to me as well. I have completed my PSM I certification and trying for PSM II

    1. mm Post

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