Slack & Launches Slack Community

The goal of is to help 1 million people to learn about and use Scrum. We have been offering training since 2012 and have helped over 10,000 people so far.

In order to continue to help and to reach more people, we have launched a Slack community. It is our hope that this will help new and experienced Scrum practitioners to learn and develop together.

Our initial aspiration is that the Slack community will support the following:

– Allow course attendees to stay in touch and to give and get ongoing support from each other and
– Post invitations to upcoming online, free and open give & get help online sessions.
– Share special offers including free and discounted courses and books.
– Provide a forum for people to exchange tips to help them with Scrum related topics.
– Provide a forum for people to exchange tips to help them with the assessments.
– Post job opportunities that we hear about that may be useful for our network.
– Post interesting a relevant Scrum & Agile news and other useful content.
– Other unexpected things that the community introduces itself that may prove useful.

So please join us and get involved. You can create a Slack account (or use an existing one) and join us here:

We also run free monthly online give and get help sessions. You can find out more here:

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