Scaled Professional Scrum and Nexus – The Nexus Framework

Nexus – A relationship or connection between people or things

As with the Scrum framework, the Nexus Framework is comprised of a number of Roles, Events and Artefacts:

Development Teams
Nexus Integration Team*
Product Owner
Scrum Master

The Sprint
Product Backlog Refinement*
Nexus Sprint Planning*
Sprint Planning
Nexus Daily Scrum*
Daily Scrum
Nexus Sprint Review*
Nexus Sprint Retrospective*
Sprint Retrospective

Product Backlog
Nexus Sprint Backlog*
Sprint Backlog
Integrated Increment

*Nexus specific

“Nexus is the exoskeleton of scaled Scrum” – Ken Schwaber

Over the next series of posts I will go into detail about these Nexus specific events to help you understand how you can use Nexus to scale your Professional Scrum.

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The Nexus Framework

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  1. Hi Simon I think Integrated Increment is also Nexus specific. If it is same as Increment what is being used in Scrum framework then why a different name? Correct me if my understanding is wrong.

    1. mm

      Hi Pradip,

      The Integrated Increment is not Nexus specific. Integration is a prerequisite for an Increment even if not using Nexus. Integration is just emphasised in Nexus because it will be essential at scale.



    1. mm

      Hi Pradip,

      Just as Scrum is a framework to help you develop innovative and valuable Products, Nexus is a framework to help you do this at scale. As a framework it doesn’t have all the answers you will need to be successful. Scaled Professional Scrum introduces 40+ practices to build on and extend Nexus to increase your chance of success. Therefore Nexus is just the core to get you started, which Ken describes as the exoskeleton.

      I hope that helps.



  2. Hi, product owner and scrum master would remain as unique role across all the teams or instead would be an scrum master for each team, including another one for the nexus integration team?

    I understand that product owner should be unique maybe with some representatives helping across the team? Maybe a product owner representable for each team?

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