Agile & Scrum For A Digital Agency


Agile & Scrum For Digital Agencies is a 2-day course that provides the foundational knowledge needed to use Scrum. The course is a combination of instruction and team-based exercises where students will learn how to use the Scrum framework to improve product development.

Over the 2 days, students are introduced to the mechanics of Scrum, gaining insights into overcoming complexity, dealing with team based collaboration and self-organisation as essential elements in mastering Scrum. The course provides prescriptive guidance to avoid going off track and keep Scrum healthy.

The course includes specific content and case studies to help digital agencies increase their levels of Agility to better meet the needs of their clients.

Agile & Scrum For Digital Agencies is an excellent training for teams wanting to learn how to become Agile using Scrum. The course provides the foundation of knowledge needed for Product Owners, Scrum Masters and Developers.

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