Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) – In Person Course Information

Our highest priority is the health and safety of our students, our trainers, our staff and our families. At, we share the concerns related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We are monitoring the situation and following the advice given by the relevant authorities in each one of the countries where we are scheduled to hold an in-person training class.

Preparing for your attendance

With government guidance on COVID-19 control measures subject to change, we ask that you check any local quarantine rules and any travel restrictions before travelling to one of our training venues. We will update you immediately if there are any changes to your scheduled course.

We ask you not to come to any of our in-person courses if you are sick or if you have recently been in the proximity of someone who is sick. Please follow the government guidelines currently in place. If in doubt please get in touch with us.

How we are protecting learners in the classroom

– In-person course will only go ahead if permitted by the current rules in the course location.
– We will follow all local rules & laws to keep attendees safe.
– On arrival, the trainer will be vigilant to any attendee exhibiting signs of respiratory infection.
– Anyone showing signs of respiratory infection will be asked to self-exclude from the course. Anyone excluded from the course will be able to attend at a later date.
– All attendees will be given clear instructions in following World Health Organisation advice on infection prevention and control. Adherence will be monitored by the trainer throughout the course.
– Attendees will be able to socially distance as advised by local rules. The number of attendees will be limited to allow sufficient space to maintain a suitable distance.
– Adherence to hygiene advice will be encouraged throughout the course. Frequent hand washing and use of the alcohol wipes/hand sanitizer gel available will be required throughout the course.
– Masks will be worn if required by local rules.
– Fresh equipment will be used at each course and sharing between attendees will not be required.
– We will ask all delegates at the end of their course to tell us if they develop symptoms and our reporting measures allow us to identify anyone on the same course to inform them.
– We will do all we can to ensure your safety. However, it is of course impossible for us to eliminate all risk. If you are still unsure, we recommend you book one of our live & online courses where you can attend remotely to mitigate all safety concerns & risk.

Postponed Classes

If we have to postpone any of our classes, or you are unable to attend due to ill health, we will rebook you on to one of our future classes free of charge. You can take a refund if you prefer.

Still Have Questions

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Latest Official Advice

We will continue to update ourselves on the latest advice from credible sources such as the UK Government, Public Health England and the World Health Organisation. You can find more details and the latest information on the websites below:

World Health Organisation (WHO):
Public Health England (PHE):