Live Virtual (Remote) Class (Samuel Adesoga) – Setup Instructions

Here are the instructions on how to prepare for our upcoming Live Virtual (Remote) Class. Please take some time to read and prepare the tools below well in advance of the class. Do not leave it until the day of the class.

The Trainer will show you in detail how to use all these tools during the class. However, It would be a good idea to spend some time getting familiar with them in advance if you can.

The tools are free. We recommend you use your own computer (rather than a work computer) if possible to avoid any issues with admin rights/VPNs etc.

Consider the online facilitation and use of these tools as part of the learning experience for the course.


This is the live video tool we will use for the class, Zoom is like Skype/FaceTime for work. Although you can use Zoom in a browser, for the class you must download and install the client software to ensure greater stability. You can register for and download Zoom here:

Please ensure you have updated to the latest version of the Zoom client. Make sure have tested your WebCam, Microphone and Speakers with Zoom well in advance of the class. If your company IT policies do not allow Zoom, you will need to get this restriction lifted or use another (personal) device.

If you are attending with colleagues, each attendee will need to use a separate computer to access Zoom.

The URL for the Zoom meeting will be in your joining instructions email.


Mural is an online Whiteboard tool we use to create and share content together during the class.

Follow the link supplied in your joining instructions email and spend some time exploring the tool in advance of the class. If you have any problems accessing Mural, please use a new email address that has not previously been used with Mural.

We strongly recommend you use the Google Chrome browser when working with Mural to increase stability and speed. If your company security policies prevent access, you will need to get this restriction lifted or use a different network.

Other Information

– Course hours will be 09:00 to 17:00 in the time zone listed (unless otherwise stated in your joining instructions).
– The Trainer will be in the Zoom room 30 minutes before the class begins on Day 1 if you need any assistance.
– Please arrive well before the start time and ensure you are all set up and ready to go on time.
– To help us get to know each other at the start of the class, please have some images that have meaning to you that you can share with the group.
– We will break for lunch at around 12:30 for 1 hour.
– We will work in short blocks of around 60 minutes followed by a break away from the screen.
– We value safety and inclusiveness. Let us know if you require any special accommodations to make participating in this class a better experience for you. We will do our best to accommodate. You can also speak to your Trainer during the course.
– IMPORTANT – Please read the Scrum Guide in advance of the course.

The trainer will answer any other questions you have during the course. If there is anything urgent, or if you need any technical support in advance, please email .