Scrum Guide 2020 Update (

Scrum Guide 2020 Update (

Scrum Guide 2020 Update Course

The Scrum Guide has been updated for the first time since 2017. The new version has reduced in size from 19 to 13 pages. On the surface, this is the biggest change to Scrum in 25 years. So what has changed and how significant is it?

This half-day course will help you understand the changes and the implications for you, your Scrum Team & your organisation.

This course is made up of teaching, videos, discussions and hands-on exercises to help attendees explore the changes to the Scrum Guide.

You will also receive free access to our Scrum Guide 2020 video course and practice assessment. This includes a summary of the topics covered in this course and a practice assessment to let you evaluate your understanding.


Anyone interested in and/or using Scrum and familiar with the Scrum Guide.

No knowledge of the latest changes to the Scrum Guide is required to attend, although it is recommended you read the latest Scrum Guide in advance.

Course Objectives

  • Clear understanding of the the changes to Scrum following the 2020 update.
  • Be able to explain the changes to other people and explain the reasons behind them.
  • Ensure your understanding of Scrum is up to date.

Assessment & Certifications

All participants completing the course will receive access to a practice assessment that they can use to assess their understanding of the concepts covered.

Course Outline

  • Summary of Changes
  • Beyond Software
  • Less Prescriptive
  • Accountabilities Replace Roles
  • Artifacts Have Commitments
  • Product Goal
  • Self-Management Replaces Self-Organisation
  • Anything Else