Scrum Practices In A Day

Scrum Practices In A Day

Scrum Practices In A Day

Scrum Practices In A Day is a 1-day intensive & interactive training course that will help you to improve your effectiveness with Scrum.

Scrum is incomplete by design. Additional practices will be essential to develop a valuable product. Most training courses focus on the Scrum framework and NOT the practices that combine with it to help you succeed. This course will help you fill the gaps so that your Scrum Team will be immediately effective and able to overcome the common mistakes that people make when adopting Scrum.

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This course is suitable for anyone who is part of a Scrum Team. This includes Developers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners and anyone who leads or manages them and wants to help them become more effective.

This is an intermediate-level course specifically designed for people who have a thorough understanding of the Scrum framework.

  • Scrum is a framework, create your own process
  • Good (not best) practices
  • Practices overview and selection
  • Gold standard practices
  • Cutting edge practices
  • Practice exploration and trial
  • Inspect & adapt your practices

There is no assessment or certification with this course.

  • Understand good practices to use with Scrum
  • Review and learn the gold standard practices
  • Review the cutting edge practices that leading teams are adopting
  • Review and learn practices that the class has selected to explore
  • How to know if your practices are working

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