Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) Practice Assessment

Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) Practice Assessment

The Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) Practice Assessment is designed to help you prepare and practice for the Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) Assessment

This practice assessment was not created and is not endorsed by

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        Your score is shown at the end of the assessment. Click ‘Practice Assessment Summary’, then add your details and click ‘Finish Practice Assessment’. You will then see the answers and feedback on each question.

  1. Hello
    well framed question content ,which could lead to pass PSM1 in the 1st attempt.
    Good luck, Give a try !


  2. Hi,
    Is this an official practice by scrum org?
    Does it have real questions from the exam? Does it mean that if I pass this test, I will pass the exam?

    1. Post

      Hi Simon,

      It’s not an official practice assessment and does not contain real/copied assessment questions as this would be cheating.

      However, I have been a PST for 10 years so know the assessments well and have created questions that are close to real. Tens of thousands of people have used our practice assessments to prepare and pass the real tests. If you can pass this and our other practice assessments its a good sign you are ready for the real thing.


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  3. Prezado, boa tarde.

    Na pergunta: “O Scrum Master é uma função de gerenciamento.” A resposta nesse simulado consta como Verdade, com a justificativa de que “O Scrum Master é um gerente, mas para o framework Scrum, e não para as pessoas do Time Scrum.”

    Minha dúvida surgiu pois no Guia Scrum 2020 não menciona o SM como um gerente, mas sim como um líder facilitador do time e da organização. Desta forma, eu devo considerá-lo como gerente do projeto?

    1. Post

      Hi Douglas,

      No. The Scrum Master is not a Project Manager.
      The Scrum Master is accountable for Scrum and will need to manage it.
      That is not the same thing as being a Project Manager.


  4. In the practice assessment there is a question –
    A scrum team uses 2 weeks Sprints and time box their Sprint Planning to 6hours. Does this break the rules or Scrum?
    Option 1 – False
    Option 2 – True

    I personally thought that for 1 month or 4 weeks Sprint if Sprint planning is max 8 hours then for 2 weeks it must be less than 4 hours mathematically. However when I selected Option 2 as my answer it was marked Incorrect. So I wanted to understand does it mean no matter how long the Sprint is Sprint Planning can be up to 8 Hours, even for a 1 week Sprint?

    1. Post

      Hi Jaydeep,

      The simple answer is yes! The timebox for Sprint Planning is 8 hours regardless of Sprint length. A common but not mandatory practice is to proportionally shorten the events for Sprints shorter than 1 month.


  5. Hello

    If this is true what is the difference between the Srpint Review and the Sprint Retrospective

    The purpose of the Sprint Review is…
    Pick 1

    To inspect the outcome of the Sprint and determine future adaptations
    To review the status of the Project
    To check what was done and not done during the Sprint
    To show Stakeholders work that is done and work that is near to completion

    The purpose of the Sprint Review is to inspect the outcome of the Sprint and determine future adaptations.
    – The Scrum Guide

    Thank you in advance

    1. Post

      Hi Jose,

      The correct answer is ‘To inspect the outcome of the Sprint and determine future adaptations’ and this was highlighted in the feedback. As it was marked incorrect you must have picked one of the other 3 answers.

      This is correct and the Scrum Guide quote indicates. The major difference between the 2 events is the focus. The Sprint Review is focused on the product. The Sprint Retrospective is focused on the process (used to build the product).


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