Scaled Professional Scrum and Nexus – Nexus+

Scaled Professional Scrum and Nexus – Nexus+

Self-organisation of a Scrum group of teams starts to become significantly more difficult at around 50-80 people and 9 teams. Nexus+ is intended to help offer guidance to help deal with the extra complexity that comes when developing a product with greater than this number of people and teams.

Dependencies and integration issues are magnified exponentially at this level. At this point as an organisation you are unique in the world. Like a snow flake (hence the picture used above). It is highly unlikely that any prescriptive off the shelf solution will help you. Often they will create more problems for you than they claim to solve. Don’t be fooled into thinking there is a simple solution to a challenge of this complexity. You will need to use empiricism to discover solutions to the unique issues you face and to find solutions that work in your environment.

Core concepts of Scrum still apply at this level. One product still has one Product Backlog. However, you will likely need to find ways to scale the Product Owner role, even if it was possible to manage with a single Product Owner up to this point.

Nexus+ is 2 or more standard Nexus organisational units. Each Nexus in the Nexus+ will comprise 3-9 Scrum Teams. The rules of Nexus still apply, and to a greater extent at this level. To give yourself the greatest chance of succeeding you should seek to minimise/eliminate dependencies between individual Nexus in the Nexus+. Aim for near to complete autonomy for each Nexus.

You may need to look at building your product as a suite with a loosely coupled architecture to enable this and be successful. Just as the Nexus Integration Team oversees dependencies in a Nexus, you will need to find someone (or some team) to to do this at Nexus+ level where these issues will be further magnified.

Clearly this is a hugely complex topic and more than can be solved with a small blog post. Consider joining us at a future Scaled Professional Scrum course to discover more. Here is a list of my upcoming locations and dates for future courses.

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