What Is It Like To Attend Our Scrum.org Evidence-Based Management Course?

What Is It Like To Attend Our Scrum.org Professional Agile Leadership – Evidence-Based Management Course?

On the 25th of August 2021, TheScrumMaster.co.uk ran one of the first Scrum.org Professional Agile Leadership – Evidence-Based Management (PAL-EBM) courses.

The PAL-EBM course is an interactive, experiential 1-day workshop where attendees explore the Evidence-Based Management™ (EBM) framework through a series of exercises and discussions. Attendees receive up to 2 attempts at the Professional Agile Leadership – Evidence-Based Management (PAL-EBM) assessment.

Together with 12 pioneers, we explored topics including:

  • Using empiricism to set and achieve strategic goals, managing the unknown and complexity through experimentation and by adapting goals along the way.
  • Create a cultural environment using clear goals, appropriate measures and trust to enable self-management and autonomy.
  • Shift the conversation away from measuring progress purely through team performance metrics, toward a focus on customer-centricity and improving customer outcomes.
  • Drive operational improvements by using four Key Value Areas (Unrealized Value, Current Value, Time to Market, and the Ability to Innovate) as lenses for evidence-based decision-making.

Here is what some of the attendees thought about the class:

“Very helpful course, finally I know now how to start implementing EBM. Nice course setup with plenty of interaction and exercises, very knowledgeable and pleasant trainer.”Herman

“Excellent class on measuring value to Enable Improvement and Agility. This is a great one day class. My key takeaway was about what and how we measure the value produced by a team. I really understood the pitfalls of how, as a company, we have been implementing the wrong measures to achieve our goals, or indeed our goals needed to be improved to be understood by the teams within the organisation. It is quite intense and fast-paced as it is in one day.”Nicholas Hudson

“Took a wonderful class in Evidence-Based Management by Simon Kneafsey last Wednesday. Highly recommended. Today I took the test and passed it. Yay me! :)”Henri Van Der Horst

“Last week I attended a very insightful training on Evidence-Based Management (EBM), all about delivering value and increasing an organization’s abilities to do so. There were quite some challenging questions in the exam, so I’m very pleased I passed 🙂 Thanks Simon Kneafsey for a great training experience!”Herman Meeuwsen

If you would like to attend a Scrum.org Professional Agile Leadership – Evidence-Based Management (PAL-EBM) course you can see upcoming dates from TheScrumMaster.co.uk here. We have 2 more dates scheduled before the end of 2021 and more to follow next year.

What Is It Like To Attend Our Scrum.org Evidence-Based Management Course?

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