Scaled Professional Scrum and Nexus – How To Create A Professional Scrum Team

We have established that being a Professional Scrum Team is an essential foundation for Scaled Professional Scrum. You should ensure you are carrying out Professional Scrum, rather than Mechanical Scrum before you attempt to scale. We have also looked at how we can encourage professionality with Scrum and what it looks like. But, how can you make your Scrum Team more Professional?

Achieving Professional Scrum can be a challenge for many Scrum Teams. Your first consideration to achieving this should be to undertake some formal training from Our mission is to improve the Profession of Software Development. We do this by effectively teaching people what professionalism means and how to foster it in teams using Scrum.

Professional Scrum Master

The Professional Scrum Master course from will help you learn and identify what is meant by Professional Scrum. This course is an excellent introduction for anyone interested in learning more.

It will especially benefit those who are responsible for effective software development inside an organisation. You may be a senior manager, Agile coach or a Scrum Master who wants to get a clear understanding of how to create truly performing Scrum teams and build market leading products.

Professional Scrum Developer

You should also consider training for your Development Team to ensure they have the right technical practices in place and understand how to use Scrum to be truly agile, self organising and cross functional. Only with this being clearly understood and working well will they be able to scale without significant issues.

Professional Scrum Product Owner also offer training for Product Owners to help them understand what professionality means to thir role and how they should work with Development teams.

Scaled Professional Scrum

Finally, and most importantly if you are looking to scale your development efforts, you should consider attending a Scaled Professional Scrum course to learn about the Nexus framework and’s approach to effective scaling.

If you would like to join one of my upcoming Professional Scrum courses with, you can see my list of upcoming public courses here. If you would prefer private training then I would be happy to help and you can get in touch with me to request more details.

Training is vital, but to ensure long term adoption and success, you should also consider some ongoing coaching to help you put what you have learned into practice. The Scrum Master can also help with this. Get in touch to find out more.

This short semi advert interlude is now over and we can move on with our exploration of Scaled Professional Scrum and Nexus. Next up is the Secret To Scaled Professional Scrum.

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