Top Tips For A New Scrum Master

Top Tips For A New Scrum Master

I received a question from a new Scrum Master who attended one of my recent Professional Scrum Master courses. His question was:

“Next week I start my first role as a scrum master after deciding to have a career change. Do you have any new starter tips (do’s & don’ts) that you can share?”

Here are my top new starter Scrum Master tips:


1. Do listen, a lot, and then some more.
2. Do get transparency for yourself around the current situation
3. Do ask what help they need


1. Don’t start telling them what to do, at least not straight away
2. Don’t start enforcing Scrum
3. Don’t feel you have to have all the answers. No one does. Especially those that say they do!

This will only get you so far, but I believe it is the best way to start.

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