Why You Should Attend My Scrum.org Professional Scrum With User Experience Course

Why You Should Attend My Scrum.org Professional Scrum With User Experience Course

You should attend my Professional Scrum With User Experience (PSU) course because it is excellent!

If you have attended one of my recent classes you will have heard me talking about PSU already, and why I feel the concepts covered are so important to the future of Scrum & Agile.

I see it as the next natural evolution of the Agile values and principles. Focussing on the customer and continuous learning was really what Agile was all about from the start. Now we have a language and renewed focus that can help to promote these concepts further into the mainstream so more people and organisations can benefit.

The PSU course promotes a move towards an increasing frequency of releases to the customer in order to learn and validate what they REALLY want. It frames our work as a series of experiments which we use to deliver value. We develop/deliver/experiment and measure/validate as we go. We do this to ensure we are generating the expected value via a desired outcome and impact.

Too much real work development is instinct based where we hope, build, release and forget. As a result, much of the work we do has little impact to our customers and so ends up being a form of waste. The PSU concepts are an antidote to this common and huge problem.

Taking an increased customer focus and an experimental approach is seriously powerful. I have been using the techniques for over a year now and it has had a huge positive impact on my ability to better serve my customers.

So join me and learn about the evolution of Scrum! Some further considerations:

What Do I Need To Know To Attend?

  • You will need a basic understanding of Scrum in order to get the most out of the course. You do not need to know about UX as we will be covering these topics during the class.
  • If you are new to Scrum, I would recommend you spend time learning as much about it as you can before you attend. There are lots of free (and low cost) resources here.
  • If you are a UX expert already, you will benefit (perhaps) the most. You will see how UX can integrate with Scrum to increase the value we deliver to our customers.

Who Is The Class For?
The class will help:

  • Product Owners understand how to leverage experimentation, customer feedback and learning to reduce waste and deliver more value.
  • Developers and UX experts who want to understand how to use Scrum and UX together to build better products in a more effective way.
  • Scrum Masters, Managers, Coaches and Consultants who want to learn new techniques to help their Teams.

When Is The Next Class?
All our upcoming class dates can be found here:

What Else?
If you still have some questions, please contact me at Support@TheScrumMaster.co.uk

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